Finding that I treat my life as a to-do list of achievements instead of a wild and wonderful experience, I am hitting the open air on my way to India from August 2015 to May 2016. Having never been out of the country before and been in love with Asia and India since I was twelve, it was now or never, so I decided to study abroad and find my own way. I will be sharing my whole experience with you!  I’m Brittany- senior college student, political science major with a sociology minor, AOII sister, former SGA senator, former resident assistant, alto in the choir, maybe future ambassador to different countries, and complete overscheduled doer. That is the list of stuff that I do or have done, but here is who I am:

-Avid Reader of all things

-A 20 something from a small town in the south USA (you have not heard of it probably) that is yearning to be an expatriate

-Curious about others, culture, and all things that I do not know yet

-Quirky with great facial expressions you will see in some of my pictures

-Amateur photographer (my mum is a great photographer, so I have naturally picked up some tips from her)

-Vegetarian (for about six years now) and outdoorsy girl (camping and canoeing have become my favorite activities)

-Social advocate (for local businesses, farm workers, factory workers, animals, women, men, religious freedom for every single religion, and all of the other things that I think are good and/or cool)

Come follow me on my journey across the world and to a new adventure!


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