Keeping Connected with Family while Abroad- Part 3!

      2 days till the big day, and I am not the only one that is unsure about this new experience! My parents have been freaking out and bragging about this trip to India since I told them I was leaving in October. Their interviews were separate because I think they each have a unique perspective, and each of them gave me an emotional and honest response.

My Mum is one of my best friends. I call her every single day, and she is the first one I tell everything exciting and horrible to. She has been there for me at every point in my life and has always rushed to me whenever I needed anything. I remember moving in to college and having her help me set up my residence hall room. She has been there for me every day of my life, and I can only imagine how difficult it will be for her and for me, as well.

1.What are your general feelings about my trip? I am very excited and extremely nervous for you! I’m worried and stressed but happy. If I was you, I would do this too, and I am so proud that you get to have this chance.

2.What are your general concerns? I am scared you won’t eat enough or that you will be stressed and homesick. I want you to be safe. I have researched India and what to expect from studying abroad, but I have never been there, and it is scary. I cannot just come and take care of you like I could when you went to college. I have to depend on other people to be there for you because there is an ocean between us. It is going to be hard to know I cannot just come see you when I want to, and it will be hard to not hear from you everyday.

3.What are you most excited about? I am excited for you to travel to another country and gain knowledge and live in another culture. I am so proud of how hard you have worked for this and how you are going to help people while you are there.

4.Anything else for me or other parents? I want other people to know that I have watched you prepare for this your whole life, and that it will be ok if their student goes away. It is terrifying, but you have to find the peace that everything will be fine.

My dad has been my inspiration my whole life. He has shown me how to keep working hard no matter what and told me that it is never too late to find a new dream. He’s been learning as long as I can remember, and it has made me realise that you can never learn everything. He is a constant worker bee, and I inherited that and his constant skepticism. He wants to know why people say what they say and what evidence they have to back this up. This attitude has made me challenge and question everything, something I am sure that he wishes I did not always do when I talk to him.

1.What are your general feelings about me being in India for the next nine months? I am excited but extremely worried. A lot of people do not like foreigners, and I am worried about living expenses and where you will be living. I am also worried about how you will get to school.

2.What are your general concerns? Knowing that I cannot talk to you whenever I want to or not knowing for sure if you are ok. I want to know that you are alright at all times.

3.What are you most excited about? I am happy you will get to see things few people here will get to see, especially from where we are from. You’ll learn a lot to bring back, and I want to learn things from you when you get back. I am very excited to read your blog and see all your pictures as well.

4.Anything else for other parents or me? Other parents should encourage their students to go if they can. It is difficult but doable. Students should try to go if they can and know its hard to leave your comfort zone. Parents will worry about safety because even though India is developing, but every place in the world can be dangerous. I am excited for you to go and want you to go. I hope after this you want to travel more and see more of the world.

Featured App: Google Hangouts (Note: I do not receive any compensation for my reviews, and I only recommend what I love and use daily!)

I chose this app because it was really easy to set up on my parents phones and computers and show them how to use. It is also very reliable Adding myself onto their contacts was also extremely easy, and I love the video chat and voice call options. This is also a great app because it uses the email information that you already have on google, and it can be used to easily share google drive files. It also has tons of great stickers to use when you text and a GPS option that I thought was great. You click the GPS button and select a location to share. You can also add people to group conversations easily and set notification options.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my family, and I will see you soon in India!


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