Keeping Connected with Family while Abroad- Part 2!

Its 3 days till I am on the flight to India! With my anxiety rising, I am glad I chose now to focus on how my family is feeling about my upcoming trip! Part two is about my younger brother, D. He is 19, a new high school graduate, and always my little brother. I have been away at college for three years, so we have not really had the chance to connect recently. His interview was the most surprising, most fun, and most insightful! By the way, do not forget to scroll down for my app review!

1.How do you feel generally about my abroad experience? Proud because you are going to do things that I might never get to do. I’m also happy that you will get to study in another country and see how they learn compared to us, and you can come back and tell me all about it!

2.What are your concerns about my trip? It sucks that you are going to be gone for so long. I am worried you won’t be happy over there or that you won’t be ok and won’t know how to handle it. I’m also worried about the time change for you because you’re going to be over there for a long time. When you come back, it might be weird.

3.What do you think will be most exciting? I think it will be awesome for you to see a different country and learn about how they do things every single day.

4.Anything else? I hope you have a really good time.

Featured App: Snapchat (Note: This is not an affiliate link, and I do not receive money for any of reviews! I only post apps that I love and use daily!)

I like this app because it is simple and easy to share photos quickly with multiple people. It is also easy to teach other people to use, which is what I did with my younger brother. I love that you can share live video, photographs, and texts! Also, if I am busy and can’t look at snapchat for a few days, it sits there and collects them all to load when I want to watch them. I also like that you can share stories with all your followers! It’s a nice and quick way to communicate with lots of modern conveniences!


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