Keeping Connected with Family while Abroad- Part 1!

With only four days left, I am getting anxious! There seems to be so much to do, and I have had to ask everyone for help! I love my family. Its huge (I have too many cousins to count, and at least thirty of them live within an hour of me), loud, crazy, caring, and worried about my upcoming trip! With all my blogging and planning for my solo trip abroad, I feel I have been focused entirely on myself and my reaction to everything that is happening. As I talked to other travelers about this, they felt they had the same problem. In order to combat this, I decided to interview my family and see how they were feeling about this experience. This is a three-part post; each post will feature a different interview and app to help keep you connected!

This first post is about my boyfriend, J, his feelings on me going abroad for nine months and how I plan to keep connected with him. He is intelligent and quiet, so his answers are short, but I think it really gives an honest look at his feelings.

1.What are your general feelings about me going abroad? I’m disappointed but excited for you. I don’t want you to go, but I know you need to see the world.

2. What do you think will be the most exciting? I think our relationship will be stronger, and you will be a stronger person because you will have a new viewpoint, unless you get malaria. You will not be stronger if you get malaria.

3.What do you think will be the most challenging? Being apart is going to be something new, and not talking as much as we do now is something that I am not looking forward to. It will be stressful to worry that you are not ok.

4.Anything you want to add? Try to have fun! I will be here when you get back.

Featured App: Couple (Note: I do not get any money from any of my reviews. I recommend what I use and love! This is not an affiliate link!)

When I decided to take this trip, J and I immediately started looking up everything about long distance relationships, several articles recommended different apps, and we were tried all of them. The app Couple stood out because it was free, ad-free, easy to use, and came with lots of cute features! You can send texts, pictures, videos, and audio clips to your partner if you are connected to the internet.

One of the best features about this app is the thumbkiss. You click the button with lips on it, and it alerts your partner that you want to kiss. You both bring the screen up at the same time, touch your thumb print to your partner’s print, and the screen turns red and vibrates! I love it because you know your partner and you are doing the exact same thing that for that moment.
Another amazing feature that we use is the calendar feature. You can add both of your birthdays and your anniversary if you want! There is also a way to add more dates, such as when one of you comes to visit! I also love the list feature where you can create different lists to share and edit. The texting part also comes with free stickers that are adorable, such as beavers with hearts. There is also a painting feature where you can draw a picture and send it to each other or draw a picture together! There are so many amazing features to this app!

I hope you loved hearing about my family and try this app out! See you tomorrow for part 2- siblings!


2 thoughts on “Keeping Connected with Family while Abroad- Part 1!

  1. J and I fully utilise what’s app and vibes when we’re apart in addition to Skype. We also make a point of talking everyday, even if it’s only just for a couple minutes.Sometimes the distance makes things difficult. At times, it’s difficult to express what changes or experiences your going through without the other person there. I also find sending surprise letters and packages helps as well.

    With my family and friends, we use a combination of Skype, what’s app, viber and snapchat. I usually talk daily with my mom and sister over what’s app, and try to vocally talk with them at least once a week.

    Keeping in touch with loved ones can seem daunting at first, but there’s so much free technology to make it easier. At least we don’t have to wait for letters to come by ship anymore.


    • You are right!! I’m going to do my best, and I’m really glad you make it work because it makes me know it can! I’m hoping to plan some surprises and try to set a time to talk when it’s OK for both of us. Thank you for your comment!! It really did make me feel better!

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